Making the most of every opportunity

make the most of every opportunity.” Col 4:5b

Such a simple statement. Paul is in prison and he is writing a letter to the church in Colossae. He is challenging them in how they go about their lives. He reminds them to be gracious, to constantly be seasoning every conversation with the hope of Jesus. To wants them to be wise in every situation with everyone they encounter and to make the most of every opportunity.

That’s a heavy challenge. I think its easy for me to try and be kind from day to day. I can be gracious to someone if they cut me off in traffic or let someone go ahead of me at the grocery store. But am I making the most of every opportunity? How would I even begin to go about that?

I am sure I miss so many opportunities. I let my life, my kids, the ever mounting pile of laundry and dishes get in the way and distract me. I let the urgent crowd out the important. But I want to be a woman who puts opportunities over chores. I want to be someone who is in tune with God’s Spirit so I am not missing opportunities but rather seizing them.

Holy Spirit, would you change my heart. Please strip off the parts of me that are consumed with my priorities, my goals. I repent of letting me get in the way of Your opportunities. Would you make me more like Jesus? Would you make me someone who makes the most of every opportunity. Would you change my heart so I seize the moment and jump in with both feet every opportunity you place before me.

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