What are you expecting when you pray?

“So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” Acts 12:5

This is taken from a story in the Bible about Peter. He has been put in prison, shackled and being watched by two guards. His friends in the local church begin praying for him. God hears those prayers and sends an angel to break Peter out of prison. (Check out the full story). But once Peter is out, he goes to the house where his friends are praying. He begins knocking at the door and a woman named Rhoda recognizes his voice at the door. But when she goes inside to tell everyone else that Peter is there, at the door. They don’t believe her. It is only after Peter keeps knocking that they come and see it is him.

What is interesting is they were supposedly praying about Peter. It says the were “earnestly praying” for him. But I am curious what they were really expecting to happen from those prayers. Maybe they didn’t want to get their hopes up. Maybe they just wanted Peter to be safe and comfortable, but didn’t think God would really move in such a mighty way, that night!

What are you praying for? Is there some situation or problem in your life that you are asking God to fix? Do you believe He can? God so often loves to answer our prayers, to come through in a mighty way that brings Him glory. I know I have things in my life I want to see happen. But sometimes I am afraid to ask. Maybe I don’t want to get my hopes up. Maybe its too valuable to me to be disappointed in. Maybe I have prayed before and not seen results and I have given up asking.

Whatever the case I think God is challenging me this week to pray for big things. To ask Him to pull of miracles only He can accomplish. And I believe he is challenging us to expect Him to come through. To raise our faith and level of expectation and see what He does.

God I need you to come through for me this week. There are things in my life that are too big, too hard, to impossible. But you can do them. Nothing is impossible for you. Would you come and move in a mighty way in my life. And would you change my heart, make me a person who expects you to do big things and gives you glory when you answer me.

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