Show Me Your Glory

Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.” from Exodus 33:18

Most days I wake up to a toddler screaming or someone asking me to put their spider-man underwear on for them…And my first prayers of the day is usually something like this, “Help me get through the day…Help me have patience…Help me get to the bus stop on time…” And those are not bad prayers. Honestly those little prayers throughout the day are good for me. Jesus uses those to make me a better wife and mother. But I am struck by Moses’ prayer above. He is the leader of thousands of people, they are wandering in the desert, escaped slaves, and Moses is their leader. Everyone is looking to him for answers and motivation and ultimately to get them to their new home in one piece. And Moses asks God to show him His glory.

I think Moses grasped something I do not yet. That time in God’s presence is the best thing for me. If I want to lead my kids to be courageous and bold men and women someday, I need to be in God’s presence. I cannot pass on what I do not possess. My first prayer of the morning should be for more of God’s glory. My biggest need right now is not more patience, or time, or energy, it’s more time with Jesus. I need to begin to rearrange my prayer life. I need to take on an attitude like Moses. One where I seek out more and more of God’s glory.

God, today, just show me Your glory…

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