What is my house about?

…But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” FROM JOSHUA 24

This is from Joshua’s farewell speech to the Isrealites. He has led them in some capacity most of his life, and these are his final words to them before he dies. He reminds them of the ways their parents wandered away from God, and challenges them to live differently. He then makes a declaration that his family will be about serving God.

The Isrealites Joshua was speaking to had poor examples. Their parents were the generation who did not believe God and take the promised land. They were the generation that died off in the dessert as punishment. But Joshua was careful to warn them not to follow in their footsteps. He wanted them to remember a different example, and so he declares in front of them what he and his family are going to be about.

I was thinking about this yesterday. We had a time frame of several hours where our kids were short tempered with each other. They weren’t listening to me or daddy, and as parents we were getting frustrated with them and beginning to snap at them. It felt like no one was being kind or loving to one another. I am sure all parents can think of a night like that. Where it feels like all your house “is about” is arguing. And I felt like God brought this passage to my mind after I put them to bed. What is my family about? And what do I want it to be about? In what ways am I being a weak example to my children? In what ways am I modeling this well for them? How can I change my approach? How can I serve the Lord in everything I do and create an environment where my children have opportunities to join me?

Jesus, I know some days My family is about things that are not about you, and I am sorry for that. Would you reveal to me what needs to change? In me. In my parenting. Would you make us a family who serves the Lord in everything we do?

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