Broken Idols

After the Philistines had captured the ark of God, they took it from Ebenezer to Ashdod. Then they carried the ark into Dagon’s temple and set it beside Dagon.  When the people of Ashdod rose early the next day, there was Dagon, fallen on his face on the ground before the ark of the Lord! from 1 Samuel 5

The Philistines take the ark and bring it into the temple of their god, Dagon. I would imagine they are pretty proud of themselves. They now have two “gods” to be in the temple in Ashdod. They probably think they have stolen Isael’s power and can now manipulate their god to work for them. But God does not go along with their scheme.

When they come in the next morning, God has made the statue of Dagon fall on it’s face before His ark. He is making it pretty clear to the Philistines who is in charge and how He feels about their idol. When we read the rest of the story we see how God makes Dagon fall on his face the next day as well, and that time smashes of his head and arms. God is in the business of breaking down idols.

Yesterday I asked my daughter what an idol was. Her simple answer was prophetic and has been stirring in my heart since. “Anything we worship… that isn’t God.” Anything. What do I worship that isn’t my God? What has more weight or attention in my life this morning, than Him? It doesn’t have to be a crazy statue of a half man- half fish. Maybe it’s our kids, or our job? Maybe it’s shopping, or binge watching TV shows on Netflix? Think through your week with me for a minute…What is “more important”, “more interesting”, “more relaxing”, “more exciting” than Jesus?

Join me in taking a minute to make a declaration for the week. Worship God. Whatever we are worshiping that isn’t God, let’s lay it down. I don’t want to clutch my idol’s so much that God has to break them…I want to be a woman who surrenders them willingly, so she can focus on her King. Will you join me?

God, I am sorry for all the things and people i worship more than you. I am taking a stand for this week. I will worship you. And on the moments when I wander, would your sweet love call me away from my idols and back into your arms.

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