A Big Assignment

Then As Saul turned to leave Samuel, God changed Saul’s heart, and all these signs were fulfilled that day. from 1 Samuel 10

Saul was the first king God choose to rule Israel when the people sinfully demanded one out of fear and rebellion. God gives them what they ask for in Saul. In fact we see some of God’s humor here in that Saul’s name literally means “asked God for”. Anyways, God appoints Saul to be the first king of Israel and has Samuel anoint him. He even tells Saul several prophetic things that will happen as confirmation of his kingship and they all come true that day. And it says God changed Saul’s heart for his new role.

But later when Samuel goes to announce Saul as king to all the people, Saul decides to hide in the supplies. He chooses to cower in fear instead of embracing his destiny. God has picked him for this awesome assignment and given him signs to affirm him in this role and even changed his heart so he will be prepared to be the first king of His people. But in the moment, Saul forgets all of that and just hides.

What has God anointed me for in this season? Who is He calling me to lead? In what ways has He already confirmed his promises in my life? How have I seen Him move in the past to show me He has great things for me in the future? How has God changed my heart to heal and prepare me for the season I am in now?

God has an awesome assignment for you right now. Maybe its being at home with your little kids like me, or maybe its running a giant company. Either way, God in his infinite wisdom has you in this role for a strategic reason. He has people He wants you to love on and bring healing to. He has appointed you to do great things for Him today. And He is continuing to change your heart to make you more ready and gifted in your role every day.

Do not trade your assignment for fear. Do not spend your day hiding behind fear. Maybe you aren’t physically hiding in the supply closet at work…but maybe you are choosing out because of fear of being all that God has destined you to be. Maybe you are not speaking up when you should. Maybe you are being lazy with raising your kids. Maybe you need to just be bold and finally go meet your neighbors…

Whatever God is asking of you today, do it. Don’t hide in hear, go be bold for His Kingdom!

Jesus, may i remember that you placed me here today for a reason. You want me to be light and hope here today. May I embrace your assignment for me today. May I fully choose in to all your Spirit has for me today. And would you continue to change my heart for this role.

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