No Spectators

The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine. from 1 Samuel 17

David goes into king Saul’s tent and tells the king, “I will fight Goliath!”. Saul is skeptical. First of all, lets point out who should have stepped up to fight Goliath: Saul. He was a head taller than most Israelite and the King, the symbol of authority and victory among the people. But for forty days, Saul has been hiding in his tent, avoiding this battle. He has even tried to bribe someone else to step up in his place.

David however is not afraid. He is only a boy, but he has seen God rescue him from lions and bears in the wilderness while he has been watching sheep. He knows the same God who helped him then, can come to his rescue against the giant. Also David understands something most of us miss. God’s name is on the line here, not David’s. And God always shows up to bring Himself glory. David understands that if God wants a little shepherd boy to win in His name, that he will, and if He doesn’t, he won’t. All David can do is be obedient and give God and opportunity to come through.

David also remembers all the times God has already shown up in his life. And David knows God doesn’t change. So he boldly proclaims to the man who should already be out on the battle field, “if God did this once…He can do it again”.

So what is God asking of me? I don’t have a nine foot giant outside shouting for my head. I am not on the battle lines. I am just a mom. But God still has great things for me. God is still speaking. Every Single Day. He has clear commands for me about how I should live and what I should be about. But am I listening? In the Christian life there are no spectators. There are not “super-Christians” and regular people…There are only people who are obeying God and taking big risks for Him, and people who arent. I know I am not always the former. I wimp out far more than I want to admit. But my God is so gracious. His mercies are new every morning. So today I am going to say “Yes!”

Jesus, I know you have put me in this house, this neighborhood for a reason. You have grand plans for me today, and I don’t want to miss them hiding in my tent. I want to be bold and courageous. I want to face my giants boldly in your name. And believe that you will come through for me.

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