Not Where I Should Be

And the word of the Lord came to him: “What are you doing here, Elijah?” From 1 Kings 19

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Elijah has just confronted King Ahab, and had a showdown between the prophets of Baal. Elijah has one, God has come and brought fire down on his sacrifice and then brought rain after 3 years of drought. Then Elijah has killed all the prophets of Baal. Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, has threatened to kill Elijah if she finds him. So Elijah runs.

He runs for over a month straight. He runs all the way to Mt. Sinai over 300 miles away. He is hiding in fear. God comes to him and says “Elijah, what are you doing here?” Elijah has seen a lot of cool things in his lifetime. He has seen food formed from nothing to feed a family, he has prayed over a dead boy and seen him raised from the dead, he has seen God consume an alter (soaked in water) with fire from the sky, all because Elijah asked God. But in a moment of fear he just runs. He doesn’t stand up for himself or God, he doesn’t pray, he doesn’t seek God for what he should do next. He just runs. God had an assignment for him, but now he is way off track. So God sends him back the way he came.

A lot of the time, when we are faced with fear or the unknown, we run like Elijah. Maybe we run away and just hide from everything. Maybe we just dive into a busier life so we can “distract” ourselves. Maybe we give into depression or fear or worry because in that moment we are just “running”. Running looks different for every person. For me it often just looks like me consuming myself in work. When I am confronted with a problem that scares me, I often just try to work, work, work. But how often am I working on the wrong assignment, hundreds of miles off track. Just burning myself out, no where near where I should be.

I want to challenge us today to not go forward this week, without stopping and waiting. Let’s take a moment and seek God for His assignment, His victory for today. I don’t want to miss how God is moving right now, because I am just “running”. I want to wait on the Lord and see Him move. I want to be where I should be.

God, I know I am often not where I should be. I am often off track, buried in fear, hiding from all that scares me. I am sorry for running. I want to start this week differently. I choose to wait on you until you show me where I should be.

j and eOur blog is written by pastor Jonathan’s wife, Erika. She runs our Family Ministries at Cornerstone and is also a busy stay at home mom. She is excited about seeing families experience God together in practical, life changing ways! Connect with her at or follow her on Pinterest.