Abundant Life

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. From John 10:10

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What does it mean to have life and have it to the full? Another way I’ve heard this verse interpreted is “life abundantly”. I love that phrase. I think often in our fast paced world, its easy to feel like we just live in the thief’s play-land.  It feels like Satan is taking our best and destroying all our joy sometimes and this promise gets harder to remember in the moment.

Sunday my family had a great day. It was one of those days that was fun and restful and exciting all at the same time. Then, during the day, on Monday my husband started to get sick. It was his birthday but he was in no celebrating mood. I spent the evening putting five kids to bed by myself and then taking care of him. It wasn’t a glamorous birthday at all. And then all night was rough, lots of medicine, finding blankets, making tea and little sleep. Today my baby caught it too and I’ve spent most of my day just holding him so he doesn’t burst into tears. I’m exhausted and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I feel like that first part of that verse is very true right now. So how do I embrace the second part of that verse in the midst of all this?

I know not every day is going to be glamorous. I know one of the effects of the fall and sin is that there is pain and loss and sadness right now. But Jesus’ words are true too. And they aren’t just true for someday or in the metaphorical. Jesus’ word is living and active right now and He meant those words.

My prayer for today is that I learn to choose in to God’s full life right now. I know Satan wants me to choose into sadness and fear and let that consume me. Often he manipulate us into choosing into a cycle of despair over and over again that is hard to be free from on our own. But I guess that’s the very reason Christ came. Without Him I am trapped, overwhelmed, destroyed and life-less. But Jesus came to make all things new, to bring the dead to life. He is my Healer my Deliverer, and my Hope right now. Even while I’m cleaning vomit off my sweat pants…Jesus is my life to the full!

Jesus, Thank you for coming so that I can have Life to the full. Would you help me daily choose in more and more to your full life. Would you help me choose out of everything else. May I dwell in your abundant life today no matter what is going on.

erikablogminiOur blog is written by pastor Jonathan’s wife, Erika. She runs our Family Ministries at Cornerstone and is also a busy stay at home mom. She is excited about seeing families experience God together in practical, life changing ways! Connect with her at mrs.ethornton@gmail.com or follow her on Pinterest.