An Uncommon Prayer Life

We started the new year at Cornerstone with this challenge, will we be a House of Prayer? We have been exploring that concept since on Sundays. Looking at what the Bible has to say about prayer and how we can be obedient in that. This past Sunday we started looking specifically at The Lords Prayer in Matt 6. Jesus’ disciples come to Him and ask Him to teach them to pray. And what we call The Lords Prayer is His response.

As a church we plan on camping out in Matt 6 for a while, exploring what our prayer life should look like. This past Sunday we just looked at one verse:

Pray then like this:

“Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name”

So what does that mean for you and me this week? How does the start of Jesus’ prayer change how I pray? I am still growing so much in how I pray. I have come along way but I know I have so much farther to go on this journey to become a woman who could be described as a house of prayer. But this verse is a challenging good start.

I need to start with a proper view of God as my Father. That is a heavy statement. He is not just God, he is my Father. And that is a role He chose to be in with me. Earthly dad’s can’t choose their children, they just get thrust into a relationship with whatever baby comes out…But God choose to be our Father, our Abba. Abba can be translated as “Daddy”. God was not content just being my creator, He loves me and He decided that He wanted to be our Daddy as well. And I can’t really start to pray without starting from there. I have to start from a relationship with my dad.

And then I have to remember He is holy. Jesus doesn’t model prayer like this because He is concerned about God keeping His holiness. It’s not as if God needs me to say that to maintain His holiness. So why insist that be part of a vibrant prayer life? It’s all for me, for my heart. Jesus knew that I need to be reminded that God is the only one who is Holy. And when I start my prayers by repeating this, Jesus knew it would help me focus. Not on me, or my wants. Not on what I think I have going on, but simply on God, and on the fact that He is Holy. And then my prayers should flow out of that. When I remember that God is Holy, I am less apt to pray for selfish frivolousness that is all about me.

In Lev 10 God challenges us “You are to distinguish between the holy and the common…” I don’t want a common prayer life. I want one birthed out of relationship with my Father, who’s love is never stopping. I want one that is continually refocused on the One who is Holy. Jesus would you teach me to pray. Make my prayer life “uncommon”.

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