Family Events

At Cornerstone, we want you to know that we care about families. Big families, small families, messy families, people who live all alone…we care about all of you! The first church in Acts was simple, informal and full of love. They met in homes, shared meals, and were intentional about constantly welcoming in new people into their family. That is our goal as well. We have designed events that make it easy for you to check out our church ‘family’. That means you can come no matter where you are at in your spiritual journey, it means kids are always welcome, even if they are crazy and loud, and it means we will welcome you with open arms, no matter what your story is. Click on one of the links below to learn about a specific event, then come check us out for yourselves.

Cookie Decorating Party for Kids Ages 2-12, Mon Dec 19th 10am-12pm

Family Banner Sunday: Jan 1st 9:30am

Family Breakfast Sundays: The first Sunday of every month (Starting in February) 9:30am

If: Fairfax: Feb 3-4 Local Women’s Retreat at Erika Thornton’s House

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