Our Values

These are our values. We hope they help you get to know us better.

Experiencing God’s Presence

When we gather together we want to be about experiencing God and having a real encounter with Him. God loves us so much, and that love is powerful. When we take time to focus on God, we get to know Him better and His love begins to change us for the better.

Following Jesus

Jesus was fully God and fully man. He came to earth to live a life like yours. He understands what you are going through. And He is the perfect example of how to get through it. When we follow Jesus we get to experience life to the full.

Depending on His Holy Spirit

God doesn’t expect you to live life on your own. He has given us His Spirit to guide us, counsel us, comfort us. He doesn’t want us to go it alone. Through Him we can accomplish great things.

Serving our Communities

We want to be good neighbors. We want to demonstrate to those around us that God loves them in tangible, helpful ways. We believe the best way we can show our communities that God loves them is by selflessly serving them in love.

Sharing our Faith Story

We all have something to share. When we develop spiritual friendships we are able to encourage and help each other along the journey. We want to be about telling everyone what God has done for us.

Big Impact Kids

We value kids and families at Cornerstone. We always want your family to feel welcome at Cornerstone, no matter what it looks like. Everyone Has A Story: 2017 Series In 2017 our focus is: Everyone has a story. We will be learning about our stories, stories of real men and women in the Bible, and … Continue reading Big Impact Kids

Pastor Jonathan

Jonathan grew up all over the world but spent most of his time as a kid running around in the forests of Germany. His parents were missionaries and from a young age he developed a love for different cultures. He has a Bachelors of Science in Pastoral Ministries from Nyack College and a Masters in … Continue reading Pastor Jonathan

The Alliance

Our church is part of The Alliance: a missional denomination which focuses on Jesus. Click Here to read exciting stories about how God is moving throughout the ministries of The Alliance around the world.